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You never forget the first time you fall in love…

My first time happened at Ikea during Christmas of 1986. I was being a royal pain-in-the-arse to my parents because they wouldn’t let me play in the ball pit. They dragged me along up the escalator and when we got to the top, there they were…artfully designed rooms, beautiful furniture and accessories in more colours than I had ever seen in my box of crayons!

I realize that this sounds weird. I was four years old after all, and most four year olds are not that drawn to Swedish furnishings. Then again I always was a little quirky…


In 1988 my family moved from Ontario back to Newfoundland and I had to leave my beloved Ikea behind for the next eight years.

After we returned to Newfoundland I began to draw quite a bit. Sometimes my drawings were of rooms, inspired by the 1988 Ikea catalogue that my parents held onto. Other times I drew animals and flowers. Creativity was always encouraged within my family, which was filled with artists and artisans. My mother’s family is filled with writers and craftsmen/craftswomen, while my father’s family is filled with amazing visual artists. There was definitely no shortage of inspiration at family gatherings!

So now it’s 2015. I still love to draw and I’m constantly inspired by everything I see. I love to tell stories through my work and my loved ones are frequently my subject matter. 🙂

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