New holiday card!

Every year my husband and I send out a Christmas card that has been inspired by one of our favourite Christmas movies. This year we decided to switch it up a bit. I’ve been experimenting with watercolours and recently did a little piece featuring our loving pooch, which turned out to be perfect for our card.

We decided to try a new printer too. I normally just print our cards at work because, 50 cards + envelopes for less than $20? Who wouldn’t?? But one-sided, postcard style photo printing gets sooooo boring! With all the work I put into the piece, I really wanted to show it off!

We ended up choosing Moo as our printer. I had heard about Moo on Lisa Congdon’s blog and if they’re worthy of Liza Congdon’s amazing work, they’re most certainly good enough for my work! It ended up costing us…well…a LOT more than I would’ve paid had I printed them at work, but I’m sure that it will be worth it. Plus we’ll have them by December 3rd (provided that they don’t get held up at the border), which means we’ll actually make Canada Post’s international shipping deadline! Woohoo!! Charles’ family overseas will actually get their Christmas cards by Christmas this year!! 😀

I’ll post the finished card on December 24th, Christmas Eve. For now here’s a teaser pic. 😉


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